Tuesday, December 9, 2008


after much thought and reflection we have decided to change our name from magick bitches to MAGICK ORCHIDS. hell! we might even change it whenever we feel like it or in every project we work on just to avoid branding . but bitches, magick or kids? i meant orchids? -a name is a name is a name and our name for now is MAGICK ORCHIDS.

Orchids are renowned for their charming, captivating colors and unexplainable magnificence. Orchids are one of the most greeted flowers by flower enthusiasts around the world. “King of fragrant plants” is the term often labeled for this flowers due to it’s outstanding aroma.

• Orchids are among the most ancient of cultivated plants. The ancient Greeks believed orchids enhanced their sexual powers.

• Orchids are the largest group of flowering plants in nature. There are more than 25,000 identified species. A new species is discovered almost every day.

• There are more than 130,000 artificially created orchid hybrids, all officially recorded by the Royal Horticultural Society of England, the international registrar, and thousands more that have never been registered.

• Members of the Orchidaceae family grow on every continent except Antarctica. Orchids are found in every color except black.

• Two of the tallest orchids are Grammatophyllus speciosum, found in Malaysia, Sumatra and the Philippines, reaching heights of 25 feet; and Sobralia altissima, an orchid from Peru that can grow to a height of 44 feet, topped with clusters of six-inch flowers.

• The smallest orchids are from one genus: Platystele halbingeriana from Mexico and Platystele jungermanniodes from Central America. This flowering plant fits on a thumbnail.

• Orchid fragrances attract specific pollinators. The scents include coconut and chocolate, mentholatum and new-mown hay, as well as the most foul odors.

• Charles Darwin wrote one of the first major works on orchids, “On the Various Contrivances by Which Orchids are Fertilized by Insects.” It was written prior to “The Origin of Species.”