Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Spooky Snow" For All Of You.

We finally finished a new EP of home recorded songs that we have been working on. Its been fun trying to learn and experiement with "production techniques" and all that chu-chu. Gotta admit, I'd still prefer just pressing record and playing the whole song through but this was good for us to make something different more based on concepts for recorded material instead of just songs to be played live which for me have always been two different art forms. Except for one song, most the songs weren't originally intended for us to be played live. We made most of it with a lot of additional instrumentations and had fun with effects pedals during recordings. But perhaps we might reconfigure some of it and transpose it to our live sets or if we can find people who wouldn't mind playing small but crucial parts in some songs. Who knows? Anyways, the little EP is called "Spooky Snow" and its our little winter album for all of you. You can get it from our shows or through Paypal for 5 bucks. All the proceeds will go to funding for zines that we will be making. Anyways, if you have nothing to do on Thursday at 10 pm, we'll be on air in KCSB 91.9 UC Santa Barbara's COllege Radio. If you want you can give us a call and we can play requests for Mariah Carey and Carpenters covers. Thats all for now. Get "Spooky Snow".