Friday, May 21, 2010


here is what we have been trying to work on for Telemagica:

organized and conducted by magick orchids

"mystical states are those moments in which the Other, in its many forms, is absorbed into the One and the One is absorbed into the Other."
- William James

the whole piece is based on the ancient Babylonian myth of Ishtar, goddess of fertility, love, war and sex who descends into the underworld to bring back her lover back to life.

in this sound art performance piece we will be combining sounds smell visuals broadcasts, music, vocal performance and tape effects to configure and transform the space into an environment of shared experiences that delve into the realms of multi-sensory perception and performance.

we will conduct this performance in an enclosed space and each player will be positioned accordingly to their specific parts. the whole piece is divided into several parts. Each part will be outlined with an underlying theme that will correlate with everything else that is going on.

The performers will use different sound sources and situate each unit in specific areas to achieve a remarkable level of intuitive improvisation for their parts. Certain foods and oils will be heated through a certain temperature to evoke certain smells for each of the different musical piece.


rhea, champ, josh crampton (luna is honey), isaac takeuchi (voice on tape, slumberbeast, cardiopulmonary), andrew felix (we dress good, sending service), oliver fritz kurt dammasch(deadArt, DRD, guppies) denise duncan (the transmissions, not so ghost) duck dongo (manhattan murder mystery),andrew lush (live video projections), dave aguilar (low end sounds) liz ngo (smells and oils), and st. paul (energy)

we are also trying to work out a video for the event with our good friend and filmmaker, josh clarkson.

there are four musical pieces that we came up with for the performance. a lot of them are minimal by nature but sounds are organized and layered depending on the positions of players.

piece no. 1 : SO SURREAL
(water, darkness, death, doom, despair, desert, dust, rusty gates, rocks, crying, wailing)

piece no. 2: BODY PIRATES
(fire, party, orgasmic, celebration, bacchanalia, orgy, hedonism, dance, anarchy)

piece no. 3: PEDRO ON A BIKE
(metal, plea, statement, platform, explanations, excuses, demands, hope, escape)

piece no. 4: GET YR EDUCATION
(earth, love, realization, redemption, resolution, return, illumination)

visual projections will focus on the underlying themes of each specific part and the elements referred to from the myth and everything will end with the wind blowing everything away...