Monday, March 21, 2011


and now, some words of inspiration for us all...


Frank Moore 2011

What we have here is

only the first smell of fresh magic.

Matter is hollow tubes

containing fibers

of packets of possibilities.

Matter is symbol,

is metaphor

containing possibilities.

These packets shape matter.

These packets, in turn,

are reshaped by

each body /object

they pass through.

We are affected

by the stars,

and the stars

are affected

by us.

We affect the Tarot cards
and the I‑Ching coins

we cast.

The physicists affect

the subatomic particles

they observe.

By reshaping

these inner packets,

the material reality is reshaped.

The inner rivers of possibilities

are two‑way on the linear level.

The magical effects are always


The light of the sun warms us;

but we affect the sun through

the same channel.

We have entered the level

of the dynamic web

of relationships

in which the individual

does not exist.
In place of the individual,

there appear points

of personal responsibility

in a dance.

It is not the sun that warms,

nor is it us who are warmed.

It is the dance of no dancers,

the dance of relationships

that warms,

and that is warmed.

Reality creation

is a dance.

We are the dancers.

But in truth,

it is a dance

without dancers.

If we really take

on personal responsibility

for the dance,

we surrender to the dance,

give up individual "control,"

give up individual linking

with the results.

By taking on the personal responsibility

for the dance,

we are the dance.

We melt with the dance.

We are only the dance.

We admit these facts.

It is not a question

of becoming,

but of remembering

and admitting.

It is a question

of being,


dancing lustfully,

without controls

or limits

in responsibility.

The life dance

is beyond morals

or limits.

It joyfully digs

into the dance

to the juicy black core.

Frank Moore + magick orchids + Mikee Labash @ Flux53, oakland CA