Friday, October 17, 2008


After going to a film showing of independent films and video from the Philippines, we dropped by The Echo Curio to pick up Rhea's camera bag that she left there the last time we were there and somehow, we were glad to catch the set of Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians who was really fucking amazing. I think their songs evoke a spaghetti western apocalypse. I would say there are very steam punk elements about it.
Honestly, I'm not so much for all the western flair that's been really popular with a lot of indie rock bands flirting with Americana and evoking Grievous Angel as if they are the first to d o it but i would say that this one is nothing like those crop of bands because from the moment they played their first song with two bass guitars, i knew their music was truly unique. and i just found out that they just recently played at the Echoplex with 40-piece Orchestra. I guess i totally missed that one but i would love to check them out again soon.

Anyways, we ended up hanging out at the Curio longer than we thought. The eccentric performance artist named Joe was there. He informed us that they might have some artspace opening up soon right by our side of the tracks. These are some of the guys that used to run the notorious Zamakibo. Now that is something to really look forward to!

Rhea and I also ended up meeting Ethan Port from the art-punk pioneers,Savage Republic who just recently reformed again to play a show at the Echoplex (Savage Republic was billed with Chrome, who cancelled on the last minute!) He was telling me about this other project he does called F-Space which uses pretty much a lot of the pyrotechnics that SR used to do back in the days. From what he told me it sounds really interesting. So I'm going to check those guys out.