Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We really had fun playing last Sunday's show at The Eagle Rock Bowling And Drinking Club. We are grateful to be able to borrow drums from Lee of the badasses, Bastidas who rocked the house as usual. They played some of their early songs which was awesome. I was personally glad that they ended their songs with one of my personal faves "Mediterranean Oasis". We went on after them and got our songs working one after another. Rhea got crazy on "Automatic/Dramatic" and i had a few little glitches here and there especially with the loopers which I'm still getting used to but we managed through it all and was lucky enough to be followed by the amazing Kid Infinity who always knew how to get the party moving. This was the first time that I actually saw Ryan performing without his glasses, which he said he lost. Well, hope he gets one seen! Because those damn lights rock the hell out of yer brains!

Freakstik was also playing music in between sets with his new set up which is very ergonomic for shows since he said that its kind of pointless to carry loads and loads of records and spin in between bands for 15-30 minutes. So, Don being the "Macgyver" that he is devised a set-up that all fitted in what seemed like a make-up box. It's practically two I-pods connected to a mixer and voila! He's got the most practical DJ set-up that he can take with him all along. I know that some purists will whine and bitch about how its not the same as having actual records. Of course its not the same! But who cares? Do people really care if its an actual record playing in between bands during shows? I'm sure everybody is pretty occupied drinking and talking most of the time that all the effort bringing stacks of records seems too much. Anyways, if you see Don playing music in one of them shows, check out his set-up and give him a big wet kiss on the lips for setting up this awesome show with Janine and Marie who keep the Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking club going.

Anyways, we are now looking forward to the completion of "Dirty Pop Songs" and the Halloween Haunted Party at Ixchel's which will be awesome becoz everyone will be in costume!