Saturday, February 21, 2009

Are Yourchids Crafty?

My Orchids are Crafty.

We have been having a lot of fun making zines and handmade goodies to be available for you to get at our shows. The zines and cds are free - donations accepted - but now we are getting ready to share some of the handmade creations we made when we have some free time.

We are in the process of moving into a house with some friends near USC. We are psyched to have space to make things (and sometimes destroy things). We recently used one of Champ's design to create fabric on Spoonflower and we got it in the mail yesterday! The design can be seen on our myspace page

I've been coming up with wallet ideas to sew. We hope to turn a lot of Champs artwork into things you can buy at our shows. We already sell a few things on an Etsy store we call Shared Madness. We really really love to trade things, so if you ever wanna bring something you made to our show we would love to trade you some goodies in exchange.

Keep the Magick Alive!