Thursday, February 5, 2009

Digital Delay (delay....delay....)

I went to Seattle last week and went through a tiny sliver of my dad's immense accumulation of pedals and gear. I had some fun with space echos, analog and digital delays.

Our song Passionista has layered vocal and harmonies that I love love love to do, so the digital delay pedals were the most fun for me. I made some spooky, Pocahaunted style sounds that I love so much and pretended I was Laurie Anderson for a second. Then i sneezed for an hour from allergies. I'm not sure how a cat lives to be 20 years and bones that my childhood pet cat Bruce is now....but I'm just as allergic to his bony old man self as I was when he was a fatty.

On the way to the airport, my dad and I stopped at a pawn shop and grabbed a Boss DD-6 for me to mess with. One of us was able to bargain to $35 for the thing. Fine, it wasn't me. The pedal doesn't do as much as Champ's mount rack of effects, but we are spring cleaning in the winter time!! This is much more economical. Perhaps I will upload a sample of what I've done with it. Back to work!