Friday, March 6, 2009


Its gonna be a fun show. We will have Spooky Snow CD's available, some zines, maybe some buttons too...This is the first time that we will be playing with our new set-up, so we are excited and hopeful that as always, we can make the most fun out from it. Also we will be playing new songs Magick Magick, Vegan Vampire, South Central Dub and a Dub version of Seasick. Bastidas will rock the hell out of you and so will the grand powers of The Littlest Viking, who is releasing their CD on this show and Yes, Deer (with Cory and Diego who used to be in 1000 Peacocks and Exploding Dresses).

We also just recently moved to West Adams in this beautiful and spacious house with our roommates, Ryan and Andrew. We are excited about the new living conditions because , we can now set-up for our next recordings and we have lots of space to do art and crafts. And yes it is near USC. Go Trojans!