Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PASSIONISTA (Brenmar Dance Edit) Yay!

Brenmar made a really awesome dance remix of our song "Passionista". It sounds really tripped out and we are so happy about it. We also got to meet him when his band, These Are Powers came to town to play at The Echo last last Sunday. He is a rather humble guy and seems pretty coola nd laid back. Their set was pretty electric It kinda started a bit weird due to some technical shortcomings and i guess thats a good issue to always consider when you are playing electronic music instruments. There were also incessant bickering and heckling from the back of the bar but they dealt with it in a rather humorous way, there was a moment though when I thought their singer was pissed but she got out of it to kick off one of their best songs in their set. I would say they managed to win the crowd later on as i could see everyone was dancing and Andrew our roommate was totally "in the zone" -caught in the electronic trance. We also got Brenmar's dance mixtape which came in a nice silver package. Anyhow, here is the remix of the song. Dance away, kids!