Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bikeriding Days

So, we got word regarding Rhea's car. The first shop we went to said that its gonna take at least a THOUSAND dollars to fix the car. They said some part is bad ( surely its as bad as i am regarding cars!)and that for it to be in good shape again we gotta spend that amount. That didn't sound to good especially since we don't have that amount to spend. However, we went to another shop just to get a second opinion and the guys said that we can still use it to drive around but we just have to make sure its constantly oiled and lubed. That made us feel a little better especially with the show out of town coming up this weekend. They also replaced the brakes which have been very much needed in the past few weeks already. So, Rhea's car is back on the road. Its not in the most perfect shape but it will get us around..for now. I hope.

Anyways, we got some shows cancelled which is quite a bummer since we have been looking forward to them. Well, The Avant Garden shows that have been going on in Northridge at this venue called El Jardin have all been cancelled due to some issues regarding the owners. Im not entirely sure about the specifics but we know that they have pretty much cancelled all the shows they've booked for the month and have been looking for a different venue to throw shows.

And the drive to San Luis Obispo won't be happening at all because of some weird miscommunication between the guy that was helping us out and the venue. We are still hopeful to find something so that perhaps we can just drive up there the next day after our show in the Artshole at Santa Babara with Bastidas, CawCaw and The Littlest Viking. The people from DIY SLO have been helpful but they dont really have anything going on at that date. We were supposed to also go on one of the college radio shows but i guess they had overbooked bands. SO, that pretty much leaves us with not much options.

If anyone reading this (at all) can help in some way or another. We would truly appreciate it.

On Sunday, we went to the Easter Party at The Vermont House and saw Meho Plaza and VoicesVoices. Had such a crazy day biking all around LA. Earlier that day I also saw this amazing multimedia performance by The Big Art Collective at REDCAT. Thanx to Turtle who had an extra ticket and not knowing what to expect. i went thinking its gonna be a play or something but it turned out to be even more. It literally blew my mind away. It was hard to describe the experience but it was really a trip and a half.

Also, today is Bike To Work Day so give the car a break.