Monday, April 27, 2009

First Show Ever at The Malo Funhouse, Recordings and L'KEG Show on Saturday

We played a fun and crazy show at our house on Friday for Oliver's Birthday and all i could say is that we played a pretty psychedelic set. Denise played with us on the synth and then live drums. We were all so psyched about it because this is the first time that we are having show at our house which Rhea named the 'Malo Funhouse'. She says "Malo" stands for magick and love. Anyways, thanks to The Health Club who played a great set and for providing us with a PA soundsystem. Michael Nhat also blew everyone with his rapping skills. The night was truly a magickal one and everyone seems to be drifting in and out of such euphoric bliss due to some psychedlic happening. It was great just being around such a great energy of people.

Last night we started recording with Piry on an amazing analog tape recorder that he just recently acquired. We are recording maybe four or five songs with him and he's been really kind enough to help us out. His girlfriend, Zandra also has been helping us out making sure we get enough intoxication and spunk. harharhar! Anyways, its been fun, we still have to finish mixing songs for our tape release which we are hoping to release soon. We might also do some collaborations with Michael Naht in a song or two. So much new recordings coming out and we are so happy for everyone who has been helpful to us. Ive been learning so much about sound and production. Ive been assisting sound at The Smell on nights that I don't have anything going on and mostly observing people do it and lately talking to Piry about recording stuff. Im hoping to be able to do a lot of more technical production for our music in the future and perhaps be able to produce tracks that are more experimental in terms of what we could do with our available resources. Thats something to look forward to. Anyways, something to look forward to very soon in the near future is a show we'll be doing this Saturday at L'KEG Gallery with Cardio-Pulmonary, Lee Noble and Kid Infinity. Its gonna be fun. We'll be partying crazy style the night before that for Josh and Monissa's wedding at Malibu so we'll keep the spirit going 'til the next day. Yay! Thats it for now!