Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So we will be leaving for our little tour up the Northwest on Saturday. Still got some open dates but we are crossing our fingers and just going for it. IF IF IF there is any way you can help us with AUGUST 10(NORCAL, SACRAMENTO), 11(EUGENE, OREGON) 12 and 13 (PORTLAND) please let us know. We wo uld really appreciate it. Anyways, we're gonna have a kick off show at The Malo Funhouse where we live with Michael Nhat, Tan Dollar and Guppies, who just finished their new record. But just to make it clear, its not a party like usual, but a SHOW. Meaning it starts at 9PM sharp and we go on FIRST. We are also asking a 2 dollar donation to help us out on our tour. Its not much and its pretty much worth the music and fun you'll be having. And then after that, we'll be heading onwards to Berkeley on Saturday morning for Frank Moore's cable access show at 8PM at night.
We are getting stuff ready mostly for the Zine Fest too but we are also planning to stop by some college radio/web radio stations to drop by copies of a compilation we are making to promote the distro.

And heres a footage of us from last weekend taken by the badass, Mikey
Magik Orchids