Monday, August 10, 2009


We didn't get to play last night but we went to the house show anyways. Apparently there were enough bands on the bill already and they wanted the show to end at a certain time. So no magick! Its all cool. We had so much fun though. The room was small where the bands played and it was hot as fuck but the music made up for it. We got there just in time to see The Girl With Violent Arms (STA ROSA) do an improv set with a drummer (at least the last part of it!). Universal Studios Florida (SEATTLE), Alaskas (SEATTLE) and Exasperation Missionary (STA ROSA) played afterwards. They were all such great acts and they all played such intense sets despite of the small room (imagine the funkysmell???)).

Rhea managed to interview some of the bands for the distro and this documentation we are doing about house shows and all-ages venues. We also got to meet Will, who volunteers at the local zine library and gave him some of our stuff. Then we pretty much just chilled and went back to Mario's (The Girl With Violent Arms) pad where we stayed overnight. And now its morning and today we are heading to Sacramento to see if we can talk to the Governor!

Fucking allergies!