Friday, October 23, 2009


Tonight we will be returning to Santa Barbara to play at The Artshole with the badass motherfucking duo of Ruben and Chris otherwise known as The Littlest Viking. Not sure who else is on the bill. Not sure of anything really.

Tomorrow night we are playing at the L'KEG Gallery with our homeslices from Irvine, Tan Dollar and Wonder Wheel and Jean Wilder and Concett 9 -all of which are badass motherfuckers too in their own right.

Happening at the same night at The House of Vermont is also Michael Nhat's record release which also has a great line-up of artists like Halloween Swim Team, Narwhal Party, Voice On Tape, Luna Is Honey, Blue Tape/Red Tape and Redeemer from Chicago. This will be an intense night. There are choices to make and brains to bake.

Now, just imagine how great would it be if all the people that go the The Vermont House met up with all the people that will go to L'KEG halfway through Figueroa and say, 3rd and do a dance battle to a Michael Nhat song stopping all of traffic. All the motorists will all later come out from their cars and join in on the dance battle that ends up becoming a dancefest and it all gets crazy and euphoric and everyone takes off all their clothes and starts fucking each other like wild animals, sweat and spit all over their bodies, then everyone explodes in one big collective earth-shaking orgasm and pass-out then everyone wakes up to a beautiful Sunday morning full of life. Whew!