Friday, October 2, 2009


We are off to Santa Barbara tonight to play at The Biko House w/ Railcars, Christmas, The Endless Bummer and Desolation Wilderness...we will be playing a set with our friend, Meagan. Hope traffic won't be as crazy and those UCSB kidz are all up for some partay!

Then tomorrow Eagle Rock (collab w/ peeps from Central Second) and Irvine (with Railcars, Tan Dollar and more...). Then The Smell (Railcars and more) on Sunday...wheweewee!

Also, the guy that lives on the studio part of the back of our house is a little whiny complainer and keps writing to our landlord who lives in Mississippi about really minute stuff. The guy can't just talk directly to us. We have decided to let him know what the word "NOISE" really means...we miss the guy that used to live there..good old Coogster...he made short films and is gonna be in the big time someday...and yes he had two bad-ass snakes too...