Thursday, May 7, 2009

Midnight Dub Housing

we are playing a somewhat "guerilla" show this Sunday, the 10th somewhere in Echo Park. The show is going to be really chill. It starts at midnight. If somehow, you are still up at this time of the night and would like to have some chillout music in a dimly lit environment with projected visuals amidst a thick haze of ganja smoke, send us a message at or text us at seven-one-four-seven-six-seven-six-zero-five-four. before the show we are going to the echo curio to check out howardAMb and bobb bruno. should be a great show fo sho!

also updates on the recordings: we are happy that our friend, Josh from Luna is Honey agreed to do sax on some of the songs we recorded. We have been having so much fun recording with Piry who keeps telling us that we are "secretly perfectionists". Ha!