Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 BAD Magick Midnight Madness

The show last friday at Mr. Ts was a really great experience. We played our first show, as Magick Bitches, with Meho Plaza and have been following their music ever since. They are truly amazing you should go see them!!! Seasons, of course, filled every corner of the room with sound. It was Adam's Birthday and his mom stole his beer, but what can you do?! Their dynamics always stir something inside me that keeps me inspired and charged for days and days and days. Then of course, the Monolators sounded great. It was the first time I'd seen them with a keyboard player, it was a great addition! Love to watch Mary bang bang bang on those drums! They even invited everybody on stage...friends in space. Mucho Magicka Fantastico!

THIS SATURDAY we will be playing at our friend Rob's store of curiosities and vintage clothes called 2 BAD, right next door to Tribal Cafe! Here is some info for you from the man himself!

This is about one of many summer parties here at 2-BAD! "Mid-Night Madness"

+ DUBiN ART + Her paintings will be featured out side Saturday Night and Sunday .One of many Sunday art shows every Sunday this Summer. Launching off The Tribals New Summer Brunch menu!

DJ Gregory will be starting up at 11:00 with music from his new album

All Ages Magick at midnight with Brian Decker / Projection art on Building in parking lot with Magick Orchids

Keith Sky will also be launching his Reality TV Show Pilot at this event.

And Five Belly Dancer From A Dancing Troupe!

also Tribal Cafe link up! Music line up at the Cafe on June 13Th will be

Be there or be Square!
This party is a Concept of Midnight sale by flashlight. With Adult beverages and entertainment.. Very affordable prices! Come one come all! To Tribal Junction! Here @ 2-BAD! Don't for get to try our Summer Peanut butter and Watermelon Sandwiches! Yum.

XDUGEF will be having a circuit bending workshop at Echo Curio. Then afterwards an amazing night with performances by XDUGEF himself, Sabreteeth. Then we will also be performing as part of THE REGULAR ASSHOLES, this new experimental freaknoise group with Dylan Doren, Michael Nhat, Lee Noble, Andrew Felix, the guys from Kid Infinity, Megawand, Cobalt Cranes, Blue Tape Red Tape and more. This is the second performance we will be doing. With that much people performing, Im not even sure how we will fit the Curio. Things can get really crazy, but thats just the fun part!...Performance starts at 8PM.