Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So much crazy fun last Sunday at the Vermont House. It was fun to see so many of our friend's bands go all crazy the whole day with the perfectly amazing weather to kick off the summertime. We got to play outdoors too with the sun still out so that was weird, Josh's sax sounded really cool outside and we played a much better set than Pharoahs Den. All the acts were amazing especially Michael Nhat and Kid Infinity, who got everyone shaking their asses. The first band though was real fucking badass! They are called Paper Rainbow and they surely know how to melt brains. Blue Tape Red Tape was awesome too and we really dig the juxtaposition of Dylan and Gabby's energies. So much boochin'! So much boozin'! Pizza galore! Rad music until night time though because of time constraints The Regular Assholes didn't get to perform. We also did an interview with Josh for Glosolalia, (who made the really great and funny video ad for the event) which was fun. It was our first time to be interviewed on camera and we got through it without sounding like little douchefucks (i hope so!). We have lots of drunken pics and a cute one of the Vermont House cat. Maybe we'll post it soon. The beautiful and lovely Lis Bomb took such really amazing pics that you can see here. We really like her photography and we might be doing some band photos with her soon. So excited for that!

pix taken by Lis Bomb