Thursday, June 18, 2009

Magick Orchids Play DJ For Your Aural Pleasure!

Hello there folks! A lot of our friends know that we sometimes like to play DJ to lovely ears that care to listen. We find so much joy in being able to share music that we are currently listening to, at home, in the car, at work. So, we decided to make this playlist for you all to listen to in case you felt like having someone else take control of what is playing in yer speakers. We sometimes love listening to other people's mixes and playlists and thought maybe somebody would also dig the music we are digging. So, what better way to find out than to actually share it. Anyways, this isn't all of the music that we have been listening to but these are just 69 of the tracks that we chose to put in here. Enjoy!


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This last Tuesday we played at The Scene with Eyes of March, Lee Noble and The Disappearance Of The Planet Dwarf Pluto who for some weird reason got their set cut off short by some weird circuit malfunction? Josh got there in time for our set and unleashed his badass sax magick. We played a really intense set, more intense than we have ever been before but we were just testing the sound systems for the guys of Dwarf Pluto. So, it was kind of a real bummer when they got cut off. I'm not sure what really happened but the sounds that were coming out from the speakers were getting to such intense levels and then boom! the power just died. They sounded great though for the time they were on. Those guys look like they are running a spaceship with all the gear that they have when they are together on stage. Its always an amazing experience to hear the sounds that they create together, with all its tones and textures. Anyways, we just got hold of a copy of their new recordings and we were listening to it in the car this morning and I'd say its really an amazing noise record -not too harsh but not too soft either. I dunno, you have to listen to it. So, go check 'em out. We will be playing with them again at Tribal Cafe on July 2nd with Blue Tape Red Tape and Hellomynameischad.

Also, this coming Saturday, we will be playing DJ at someone's house warming party at Santa Monica. We've never done this before but they asked us to do it and we thought it would be fun plus all the free food and drinks, how can we say no. Then come Sunday, we will be taking a trip to Riverside with our friends, Luna Is Honey, Michael Nhat, Cardio Pulmonary, and E+E to play The Pharoah's Den for an awesome out-of-town show fo sho! Our friend Lis Bomb will also have some art in this show. Its actually an Arts and Music Festival however we are not really sure of the details yet. We'll keep you posted.

Booking our own Northwest tour has been kind of challenge, we get little or no response from alot of people, many venues are closing down and getting shut down but we are hopeful and inspired to do this, regardless. It would be easier to just rely on the "club/bar circuit" but thats not what we are about. People have been trying to find us house shows which we prefer, so if you are thinking of having one, please check our dates and let us know. Thanx to everyone who has been helping us out though, we are grateful (but not dead!) Long live paper and scissors! Well, thats it for now.