Thursday, July 23, 2009


We'll be leaving for the Northwest in two weeks and we've been busy getting our shit together. Already done with the recordings we did for our cassette tape release which we'll have available soon. Its gonna be called "HEXXES" and should be up on the Open-Minded distro soon or at or shows. And we'll be finishing the recordings with Piry tomorrow, its gonna be our last session, so hopefully we get that together to make copies for our tour. We are still trying to finalize some dates especially around the PDX area and we are thankful to many peeps and friends who've been very helpful.

Anyways, we are playing tonite at this new venue that our friends Josh and Isaac are starting. Its called Pantheon. Its gonna be in a spot called Tony's. Its actually near where we used to live on 7th and Santa Fe. We'll be playing with Cobalt Cranes and Voice On Tape and Sean Pineda. We play at 10:30 PM.

Also here is something for you..since you managed to click on this blog and read.


He who hopes to grow in spirit
will have to free himself from obedience and respect.
He'll hold to some laws
but mostly he'll violate
both law and custom, and go beyond
the established, inadequate norm.
Sexual pleasure will have much to teach him.
He won't be afraid of the destructive act:
half the house will have to come down.
This way he'll grow virtuously into wisdom.

—C. P. Cavafy