Thursday, July 9, 2009

Magick Orchids shirt

Here is a design that we are going to make into a shirt for our tour. We will only be printing it in one color because multiple colors take longer time to print especially since we are just doing it ourselves. But down below is the same design in flashing bright colors, maybe we can make colored ones later on. We will sell it for a fair price at shows just to help pay for our gas and food.

one color:

multiple colors:

We are currently finishing recordings and mastering some of the ones we have done into tape. We will also resume the ones we are doing with Piry soon. We have also been uploading some of those new songs on myspace and maybe a few more that aren't done yet. We want our myspace to be as current as possible to what we are doing now. We have been busy getting ready for our tour and the SF Zine Fest and are still trying to contact people about booking shows for some dates that are still open. Rhea will also be doing a Zine Workshop at the Renegade Craft Fair that is being held on the 13th floor(?) of the California Market Center this weekend. We will have zines and stuff from our little distro.