Monday, July 27, 2009


Last Saturday's show at Betalevel was so much fun. Despite a "mysterious" technical problem (Rhea's Space Echo Pedal for some weird reason was not working!), we managed to get the our set going. We have been so stoked about doing the show for a while especially since we get to play with howardAMB and Bobb Bruno, two amazing bands that also use the Roland SPD-S drumpad which was the common denominator of the all the bands in the show. It was also the first time that magick orchids both played the Roland SPD-S pads which turned out to be so rad especiallyw ith the samples Rhea had on her pad. howardAMb played a really amazing set and their songs were so captivating especially with all the different sounds bouncing all throughout the space. howardAMB just keeps getting more amazing everytime we see them, it was quite a feat having to play between them and Bobb Bruno, who performed with Light Array Orchestra doing really psychedelic visuals. Bobb was pretty badass as usual in his bunny suit. He shows you what the possibilities of playing the SPD-S are. He also has some pretty great samples, one even sounds like it was Rhea singing. Mmmmm.... Though the place was quite a challenge to find especially with all the other events going on in Chinatown, we were glad to see familiar faces. Betalevel is a really rad place that is located in an underground basement right in an alley behind Full House Restaurant on Hill Street in Chinatown. They have Karaoke Nights and Movie Nights and other interesting nights that will trip the hell out of you. Check em out!

Also, we just finished making the cassette tapes for our upcoming Northwest Tour. Its
called HEXXES and its pretty much a mixture of the different sets we have been doing and some other songs that we have been working on for the past few weeks. Here is the tracklist:

mind over matters
bright evil goodness

far away look
vegan vampyrs

fak dat nu aidj shet!

ghost of a dead medium
forbidden games

what grows in yr garden
seasick version dub
passionista (brenmar remix)

We only have it available in 50 limited copies for five dollars at our shows, here in our blog, at our myspace page, and at the Open-Minded distro soon. It also comes with a free sticker.

Also, we are playing tonight at the Tribal Cafe for a Lots O Crap show...