Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We are gonna be playing a Lots O Crap Zine Fundraiser on Friday at The Bunny Ranch then on Saturday, an artshow with Halloween Swim Team, Michael Nhat, Grandpire and more.
Don't forget to check out the art! Yeah the kind that goes to the wall.. Ya know...
From Floats and Flyers

Been listening to a lot of cool shit lately made by people we know, bands we met, most of it are stuff that we recently got from friends, bands and whatnots for distro or just for listening purposes. We have been immersing ourselves in a lot of local stuff, fringe stuff, some stuff that the dominating mainstream culture could care less about...Anyways, if you have stuff that you need help distro and you think, we might dig it, please send it to us. PLEASE check the distro first and see what we are about...Yeah yeah yeah and don't give us all that nag about being open-minded just because we don't dig you sounding like your favorite band from the nineties.

also, Nam June Paik