Monday, September 21, 2009


Last Friday's show for the Lots O' Crap Zine Fundraiser at The Bunny Ranch House was a blast. We had so much fun playing a "chilled-out" set. The cops came just after The Seizure and Manhattan Murder Mystery played but luckily they didn't stop the show. They just told us that if they got another complaint, they were gonna shut it down. We were happy they never came back. Josh did some awesome sax playing as always. Kid Infinity played a great fun set too, making sure things got bumping and moving. Afterward, there were lots of hanging out. Lots of drinking. Lots of smoking. Lots of talking. Lots of fun. Lots o' crap?

Saturday found us playing at The Werewolf Gallery art show at Jefferson Park. It was a pretty special night for us because of our line-up that night. Playing with the Orchids were our friends Meagan Boyd and Dylan Doren, who were both pretty bad ass playing drums and percussion in addition to the sounds and noises we make with Josh Crampton who was evoking some Peter Brotzmann-like sax work. It was great to play a different set that night and we are happy with how it turned out because we felt it reflected the urgency of the moment and it challenged the underlying expectations of people that go to the art shows and expect to be entertained. Michael Nhat and Halloween Swim Team also played some new songs that really rocked. HST's last song was total EPIC. You can tell those guys work so hard to develop their own sound. Michael Nhat wasn't feeling to good that night but still managed to make bodies move. There was a lot of interesting art that night. One in particular that i personally dug was the one with naked people with boxes on their heads -something about it just gave me a hard time to look away.

We wont be playing much shows in the next week. Gonna be working on some new recordings and video stuff. The next shows will be the shows we are playing in support for the Railcars tour here in Southwest CA. We have also been adding new stuff on the distro. Make sure to check it out, kidz!

And ahhh...Joseph Beuys