Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We will be doing a musical collaboration with our friends from The Transmissions and Death To Anders for the Pehrspace showcase at the Eagle Rock Music Festival. We will do a musical piece that is dictated by the colors of screen projections that Christian from The Transmissions prepared. We did a test run of it on Sunday just to see how it all flows. All the musicians playing were divided into three groups and assigned different colors -everyone only plays when they see their color appear onscreen. And they can play in response to whatever visuals was going on the screen. This turned out really great. The word "playing" music has never made so much sense.

AND...magick orchids will be playing with the aid of some friends in some upcoming shows and trying out different fun stuff (think of the musical equivalent to anal sex).

Here's a flyer for the Eagle Rock showcase:

Anyways, we will also be playing at UC Irvine at this same night. Its our 2nd night in supporting Railcars North American Tour Dates here in Southern CA. The night before that, we will be in Santa Barbara then on Sunday, we will be playing at the Smell.
Then on the 9th of October, we hit the Echo Curio for Manhattan Murder Mystery' residency. Then another art show on the 10th with Halloween Swim Team and Michael Nhat. Feels like deva vu? Doesn't it?Well, for more updated info and updates on our tour dates with Railcars go and check out our myspace. We are so loaded with shows this month and to think, we were thinking of not playing any shows at all to focus on recordings but i guess Nancy Reagan was wrong... its just hard to say NO sometimes. But its all great and we will all have F-U-N!!!

We are also excited to announce that we will be releasing two new recordings soon.
One of it is the one we recorded with Frank Moore at the Shaman's Den which is called "A Cloud Below And The Sea Above". Mikee Labash, who does most of Frank Moore's art for his zines/recordings/website is making the album cover and that is making us super excited.

The other recording we are releasing is of the house show we played at our home, The Malo Funhouse a month ago when we came back from our tour. It was a really great set and Josh Crampton's sax magick was superb. We are so happya bout it that we decided to release the recording and share it to y'all. Now the best part is that our friend, Adam Roth is doing the cover. Adam does really great illustrations and we are such admirers of his style. We are just happy to know and be friends with such creative and talented people.

Anyways, besides the impending sense of doom that is to unravel in 2012, thats something to look forward to.

And last but not the least, Champ has been doing videos lately with magick orchids music and many others. You can check it out on his youtube page if you have the time.