Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We had an amazing Capricornications 2010 house show party at the Malo Funhaus last Saturday, January 2. We had touring bands at the house and dang! those guys were loud as thunder! We are just glad there were no popo's on the scene otherwise, it would have been a bummer for all of us! It was a great night though with great energy. The bands that played were The Girl With Violent Arms, Starskate, A Pack Of Wolves, who were all from Santa Rosa. The Health Club laid down the law at 1:30 in the morning and those guys sure know how to play the room because at 1:30 in the morning you don't wanna play like My Bloody Valentine inside the living room of a house -coz that would be really SUPERFLUOUS! would't you agree? Michael Nhat was supposed to play but i guess the vodka got between him and his set. So, there ya go! Capricornications friends that celebrated their birthdays that night were Meagan, Champ, Ryan, Jen, Ray (from Seasons), Guy (fom Starskate) and I'm sure many others. We are just glad the house wasn't as trashed as before! Hells yea!

And in case you are paying attention, magick orchids, hasn't played any shows for the new year yet. We have held back the releases of two recordings, one with Frank Moore and the other from a live show we did at The Malo Funhaus. We have been so occupied with many other things and we've been slowly adjusting to all the changes going on in our lives at this point. However, the good news is that we will be sharing our soundz to the Republic Of The Philippines where Champ is originally from. We honestly don't know what to expect from this tourness but we will try to post some bloggings about this. We are more than excited than anything to be able to share what we do to whoever will listen, explore the outdoors, the food, the festival that they are having at this island where Champ went to school and bask in the wonderful white sand beaches of Boracay. Our friends Denise and Kat will also be meeting us later on and we will have a blast! Yay! Anyways, here's a cool pic from our New Years Hike over at The Valley Of Enchantment.