Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shoe Fo' Sho The Nu Yeah!

Looking forward to this show at the Echo Curio. Apparently, Luna Is Honey cancelled because not all of thema re available on the date. It would still be a fun show with all these amazing bands.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Biology Or Physics?

Its raining like crazy in LA today. Would have been a great day to stay in bed under the blankets but gotta make some dough. Anyways, the Pehr Space Craft this weekend was a blast. We met a lot of cool people: crafters, bands, zinesters and others. We also made two new songs this weekend which is really very minimalist than the ones we have before. Less is indeed more. Check this out.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We spent a couple of fun times in Seattle last week. Went to the Urban Craft Uprising and checked out a lot of DIY arts and crafts that people are doing in that part of the country.
Also stopped by the Vera Project where they also had some kind of fair. Rhea got her shirt printed and i got the back of my hoodie too. The place is an awesome all ages DIY space. We met with some of the volunteers there and they seem very nice. I gave a CD to the guy at the front, Dustin. It was the 5-song EP that we recorded as Magick Bitches. We also went to a lot of other awesome venues, namely the Josephine in Ballard where i saw this band called Love Tan rock the house. We also went to a gathering of DIY labels around Seattle/Olympia area at The Healthy Times Fun Club over at Capitol Hill organized by people from Hollow Earth Radio. The bands were done when we got there but we met some awesome people especially Ross, from Bicycle Records. They release mostly folk and electropop music -should be worth checking out. He is also in band called June Madrona.
Anyways, we went to lot of other places, ate a lot of good food, vegan and seafood..even raw. We were loving the weather and made sure to keep warm by imbibing booze at every stop (almost!)Our friends Bre and Katya were such great fun to hang with. It was just great to be away from LA and checking out Seattle. Our decision to change our band name has a lot to do with the wonderful people and the amazing experience we had over there with their all-ages DIY community -i hate having to explain it over and over again. M_A-G-I-C-K-O-R-C-H-I-D-S!

We are just happy to be back and glad to be in time to be able to experience an amazing mind-blowing Wilderness show last night at The Echo...If you never heard of Wilderness...you should!

and btw, guess what Rhea brought back with her from Seattle...
CLUE: bleep..ngoorkk..bzzzt...teeet...pffft...zooom...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


after much thought and reflection we have decided to change our name from magick bitches to MAGICK ORCHIDS. hell! we might even change it whenever we feel like it or in every project we work on just to avoid branding . but bitches, magick or kids? i meant orchids? -a name is a name is a name and our name for now is MAGICK ORCHIDS.

Orchids are renowned for their charming, captivating colors and unexplainable magnificence. Orchids are one of the most greeted flowers by flower enthusiasts around the world. “King of fragrant plants” is the term often labeled for this flowers due to it’s outstanding aroma.

• Orchids are among the most ancient of cultivated plants. The ancient Greeks believed orchids enhanced their sexual powers.

• Orchids are the largest group of flowering plants in nature. There are more than 25,000 identified species. A new species is discovered almost every day.

• There are more than 130,000 artificially created orchid hybrids, all officially recorded by the Royal Horticultural Society of England, the international registrar, and thousands more that have never been registered.

• Members of the Orchidaceae family grow on every continent except Antarctica. Orchids are found in every color except black.

• Two of the tallest orchids are Grammatophyllus speciosum, found in Malaysia, Sumatra and the Philippines, reaching heights of 25 feet; and Sobralia altissima, an orchid from Peru that can grow to a height of 44 feet, topped with clusters of six-inch flowers.

• The smallest orchids are from one genus: Platystele halbingeriana from Mexico and Platystele jungermanniodes from Central America. This flowering plant fits on a thumbnail.

• Orchid fragrances attract specific pollinators. The scents include coconut and chocolate, mentholatum and new-mown hay, as well as the most foul odors.

• Charles Darwin wrote one of the first major works on orchids, “On the Various Contrivances by Which Orchids are Fertilized by Insects.” It was written prior to “The Origin of Species.”