Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So much crazy fun last Sunday at the Vermont House. It was fun to see so many of our friend's bands go all crazy the whole day with the perfectly amazing weather to kick off the summertime. We got to play outdoors too with the sun still out so that was weird, Josh's sax sounded really cool outside and we played a much better set than Pharoahs Den. All the acts were amazing especially Michael Nhat and Kid Infinity, who got everyone shaking their asses. The first band though was real fucking badass! They are called Paper Rainbow and they surely know how to melt brains. Blue Tape Red Tape was awesome too and we really dig the juxtaposition of Dylan and Gabby's energies. So much boochin'! So much boozin'! Pizza galore! Rad music until night time though because of time constraints The Regular Assholes didn't get to perform. We also did an interview with Josh for Glosolalia, (who made the really great and funny video ad for the event) which was fun. It was our first time to be interviewed on camera and we got through it without sounding like little douchefucks (i hope so!). We have lots of drunken pics and a cute one of the Vermont House cat. Maybe we'll post it soon. The beautiful and lovely Lis Bomb took such really amazing pics that you can see here. We really like her photography and we might be doing some band photos with her soon. So excited for that!

pix taken by Lis Bomb

Friday, June 26, 2009


So, this Sunday is gonna be a trip.
Its gonna be one crazy party to kick off the summer.
And yes..all these bands will be playing
PLUS The Regular Assholes. Yay!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Memory Of Yr Attention Span: The East Shall Shake The West Awake CD

We just made limited copies of a recording we did at The Funhouse last week. Its called "The East Shall Shake The West Awake", a reverse connotation of a phrase from James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake. It is around forty minutes long and the track is dedicated to the rise of this generation's attenuated attention span and how that has affected our perceptions of the world around us. Josh Crampton from Luna IS Honey plays saxophone on the recording and Rhea drew the cover art. You can get it at our shows usually for free but if you feel like contributing to our Northwest Tour Fund, then feel free to do so by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button on the right side of this page. We are still gonna finish the recordings we did with Piry which has been put on hold since we have been playing so many shows and I'm currently working on getting the tape done by the end of the month. Also the new Open-Minded zine just came out with a Bastidas interview and other interesting writings from Rhea's head. We should have copies at shows too. If not, feel free to ask.

Playing at Riverside last Sunday was fun. Though we've never really been around Downtown Riverside, it seemed like a really cool place to check out especially the space where we played called Pharaohs Den, an amazing music and art space ran by Juan and I think, many other volunteers. There seems to be a lot of interesting music happening around there and we were so excited to play there with our friends from LA. They had an art show going on and we had a viewing of the short film Lis Bomb just finished working on which featured Cheech and Chong doing Tron (for reals yo!) It was pretty trippy with all the graphics and all just like the rest of the night. And yeah the gay bar downstairs was pretty happening too. Riverside is trippy, man but we loved it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We want to share this beautiful set by Mary Anne Hobbes at Sonar from last year.
Sonar is a music and digital art festival held in the heart of the city of Barcelona for three days. It is happening this fucking weekend, June 18, 19, and 20 and we can only wish to be there as of now. Anyways, Mary Anne Hobbs is a DJ and a host for BBC 1's Experimental Show which we have been listening to a lot.

Theres a lot of great acts in this years Sonar. You can look em up here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Magick Orchids Play DJ For Your Aural Pleasure!

Hello there folks! A lot of our friends know that we sometimes like to play DJ to lovely ears that care to listen. We find so much joy in being able to share music that we are currently listening to, at home, in the car, at work. So, we decided to make this playlist for you all to listen to in case you felt like having someone else take control of what is playing in yer speakers. We sometimes love listening to other people's mixes and playlists and thought maybe somebody would also dig the music we are digging. So, what better way to find out than to actually share it. Anyways, this isn't all of the music that we have been listening to but these are just 69 of the tracks that we chose to put in here. Enjoy!


Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones!

This last Tuesday we played at The Scene with Eyes of March, Lee Noble and The Disappearance Of The Planet Dwarf Pluto who for some weird reason got their set cut off short by some weird circuit malfunction? Josh got there in time for our set and unleashed his badass sax magick. We played a really intense set, more intense than we have ever been before but we were just testing the sound systems for the guys of Dwarf Pluto. So, it was kind of a real bummer when they got cut off. I'm not sure what really happened but the sounds that were coming out from the speakers were getting to such intense levels and then boom! the power just died. They sounded great though for the time they were on. Those guys look like they are running a spaceship with all the gear that they have when they are together on stage. Its always an amazing experience to hear the sounds that they create together, with all its tones and textures. Anyways, we just got hold of a copy of their new recordings and we were listening to it in the car this morning and I'd say its really an amazing noise record -not too harsh but not too soft either. I dunno, you have to listen to it. So, go check 'em out. We will be playing with them again at Tribal Cafe on July 2nd with Blue Tape Red Tape and Hellomynameischad.

Also, this coming Saturday, we will be playing DJ at someone's house warming party at Santa Monica. We've never done this before but they asked us to do it and we thought it would be fun plus all the free food and drinks, how can we say no. Then come Sunday, we will be taking a trip to Riverside with our friends, Luna Is Honey, Michael Nhat, Cardio Pulmonary, and E+E to play The Pharoah's Den for an awesome out-of-town show fo sho! Our friend Lis Bomb will also have some art in this show. Its actually an Arts and Music Festival however we are not really sure of the details yet. We'll keep you posted.

Booking our own Northwest tour has been kind of challenge, we get little or no response from alot of people, many venues are closing down and getting shut down but we are hopeful and inspired to do this, regardless. It would be easier to just rely on the "club/bar circuit" but thats not what we are about. People have been trying to find us house shows which we prefer, so if you are thinking of having one, please check our dates and let us know. Thanx to everyone who has been helping us out though, we are grateful (but not dead!) Long live paper and scissors! Well, thats it for now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tonite we will playing at The Scene with The Disappearance of Planet Dwarf Pluto, Eyes Of March and Lee Noble. This is gonna be an interesting line-up. If you like noise, tones, textures, sounds and space, you totally should go to this one. And yeah, its free for all humans! And yes, bring yr own booze..but drink it in the car...

Monday, June 15, 2009


pic from Lis Bomb

(clockwise from left) Champ, Ryan of Kid Infinity, Dylan of Blue Tape Red Tape, Michael Nhat, Gabby of Blue Tape Red Tape, Lee Noble, Rhea, Andre Felix
(not in picture) Rachel of Megawand, Nathan of Kid Infinity, Kate of Cobalt Cranes, Emma and more???

More pix from Lis Bomb here.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Magick Video

Here is a video from the Downtown Warehouse show.

video taken by Andrew Lush

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 BAD Magick Midnight Madness

The show last friday at Mr. Ts was a really great experience. We played our first show, as Magick Bitches, with Meho Plaza and have been following their music ever since. They are truly amazing you should go see them!!! Seasons, of course, filled every corner of the room with sound. It was Adam's Birthday and his mom stole his beer, but what can you do?! Their dynamics always stir something inside me that keeps me inspired and charged for days and days and days. Then of course, the Monolators sounded great. It was the first time I'd seen them with a keyboard player, it was a great addition! Love to watch Mary bang bang bang on those drums! They even invited everybody on stage...friends in space. Mucho Magicka Fantastico!

THIS SATURDAY we will be playing at our friend Rob's store of curiosities and vintage clothes called 2 BAD, right next door to Tribal Cafe! Here is some info for you from the man himself!

This is about one of many summer parties here at 2-BAD! "Mid-Night Madness"

+ DUBiN ART + Her paintings will be featured out side Saturday Night and Sunday .One of many Sunday art shows every Sunday this Summer. Launching off The Tribals New Summer Brunch menu!

DJ Gregory will be starting up at 11:00 with music from his new album

All Ages Magick at midnight with Brian Decker / Projection art on Building in parking lot with Magick Orchids

Keith Sky will also be launching his Reality TV Show Pilot at this event.

And Five Belly Dancer From A Dancing Troupe!

also Tribal Cafe link up! Music line up at the Cafe on June 13Th will be


Be there or be Square!
This party is a Concept of Midnight sale by flashlight. With Adult beverages and entertainment.. Very affordable prices! Come one come all! To Tribal Junction! Here @ 2-BAD! Don't for get to try our Summer Peanut butter and Watermelon Sandwiches! Yum.

XDUGEF will be having a circuit bending workshop at Echo Curio. Then afterwards an amazing night with performances by XDUGEF himself, Sabreteeth. Then we will also be performing as part of THE REGULAR ASSHOLES, this new experimental freaknoise group with Dylan Doren, Michael Nhat, Lee Noble, Andrew Felix, the guys from Kid Infinity, Megawand, Cobalt Cranes, Blue Tape Red Tape and more. This is the second performance we will be doing. With that much people performing, Im not even sure how we will fit the Curio. Things can get really crazy, but thats just the fun part!...Performance starts at 8PM.

Friday, June 5, 2009