Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magick Video Inspirations For FMLY

So, we got asked to submit some video inspirations for the FMLY website.
And we did. Read it HERE. And the cassette tapes are finally here! We had some at our show last Monday at Pehrspace and we will have a record release soon as the new year comes in.

Twenty fucking twelve, baby!

And yes! FMLYFEST is gonna be happening soon! So you kids better check it outs coz a lot of amazing bands will be playing there and you should witness it!
More info on the fest HERE.

And here's some cool pics that our dear friend, Amy Darling took of our show in Homeroom a while back...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This Friday we will be playing with Geoff Geis and The Cobra Lilies at Pehr.
We still don't have a car so this will be the first time we roll in with our new minimal set-up.
Also, visuals abound our set courtesy of Andrew Lush.

Download magick ((())) orchids' BAD ACID Single

Click HERE to download the first single from our upcoming cassette tape on Vanity Projects. The download also has remixes from friends, I.E. and Snorlax and other magick ((())) orchids tracks. The new tape "Origins Of Grinding" will be coming soon!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011


amazing flyer by walt! & champoy

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pehrspace Tonight!

We are playing first tonight at Pehrspace. We will be playing a new set -one we are practicing for Telemagica! Sadly, this will be The Lingonberries final show but hopefully its as true as the rapture! Anyways, also playing will be touring band from Flagstaff, Arizona, Jacky Stone and his Ugly Bones and Heller Keller (members of Moses Campbell). We are playing first at 9PM so come early and have some Lingonberry Juice!

If you are one of those people with can check out more info about the show HERE.

Hope to see you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


TeleMagica 2011: Save The Earth
starts June 10, 12pm, ends June 12, 6pm
3 days 2 nights

In 2010, we activated our unified field of LUMINESCENCE.
In 2011, we shine our radiance to SAVE THE EARTH!
Tickets are now ONLY $22-full event till April 1st, available ON-LINE ONLY at

50 LIVE BANDS on 5 stages and Perceptual Earthwork Sculptures throughout the natural landscape

OPENING CEREMONY (June 10, Sunset, 7:30pm in the Sandwash) Everyone Invited for this Rites of Passage for Saving The Earth. by Light Artist PETER TEREZAKIS, who will be installing COLUMNS OF LIGHT in the Sandwash, to join Earth and Sky. In addition, dancers and musicians will guide you through an interactive Art Performance Transmission.

THE OPERA (Everyone invited for Mass Energy to call in the Dream Emissaries)
"Save The Earth" by The "Custodians of Planet Earth" will be held on Saturday, 6.11.11, 11:11pm at the PYRAMID. This is a multimedia production that amps up the theme of "Save the Earth". BE THERE for the ultimate Mystical Magica Moment!

Discover the RIDGE TRIBE of 40 Mystic Dj's overlooking the TeleMagica Grounds from the High Ridge. Brought to you by Hood Rich Radio. Also, starting Saturday night in the ArTrain, Hood Rich Radio Lounge presents electronica guest performers.

FASHION AWARDS SHOW with KIDS PARADE ( Our big Thank You Ritual for Everyone)
Continuing the tradition established last year, we will be giving awards to those who have been contributing to building our community for the past Eight Years. The ceremony will be accompanied by a FASHION SHOW andKIDS PARADE. Fantastic Music by the one and only HEAVY WATER EXPERIMENTS. Last year we were visited by a Being encased in an organic amber bubble floating over the proceedings. Hopefully this year we will welcome the entire Fleet!

Natural mineral springs from our Earth Mother will be flowing at WaterSight to bath and purify the toxins gathered since last year. Our tubs are aligned for Maximum Dreaming, both day and night. You will be accompanied in your "Water Dreaming" by our various Trance Science Musicians.

BECOME our friend on Facebook to keep updated:
PRINT our FLYER (attached here), and e-mail to all your FRIENDS!
(you can print higher resolution poster/flyer at:

"Only if one loves this Earth with unbending passion, can one release one's sadness. A warrior is always joyful because their love is unalterable and their beloved, the Earth, embraces them and bestows upon them inconceivable gifts".
Don Juan Matus

Looking forward to seeing you for June Magica!
Save The Earth, 2011

and not only will we be playing with magick orchids but our other project Mamas Joy will be rocking at this festival too! And lots of our homies from LA. Hope to see u there!

Monday, March 21, 2011


and now, some words of inspiration for us all...


Frank Moore 2011

What we have here is

only the first smell of fresh magic.

Matter is hollow tubes

containing fibers

of packets of possibilities.

Matter is symbol,

is metaphor

containing possibilities.

These packets shape matter.

These packets, in turn,

are reshaped by

each body /object

they pass through.

We are affected

by the stars,

and the stars

are affected

by us.

We affect the Tarot cards
and the I‑Ching coins

we cast.

The physicists affect

the subatomic particles

they observe.

By reshaping

these inner packets,

the material reality is reshaped.

The inner rivers of possibilities

are two‑way on the linear level.

The magical effects are always


The light of the sun warms us;

but we affect the sun through

the same channel.

We have entered the level

of the dynamic web

of relationships

in which the individual

does not exist.
In place of the individual,

there appear points

of personal responsibility

in a dance.

It is not the sun that warms,

nor is it us who are warmed.

It is the dance of no dancers,

the dance of relationships

that warms,

and that is warmed.

Reality creation

is a dance.

We are the dancers.

But in truth,

it is a dance

without dancers.

If we really take

on personal responsibility

for the dance,

we surrender to the dance,

give up individual "control,"

give up individual linking

with the results.

By taking on the personal responsibility

for the dance,

we are the dance.

We melt with the dance.

We are only the dance.

We admit these facts.

It is not a question

of becoming,

but of remembering

and admitting.

It is a question

of being,


dancing lustfully,

without controls

or limits

in responsibility.

The life dance

is beyond morals

or limits.

It joyfully digs

into the dance

to the juicy black core.

Frank Moore + magick orchids + Mikee Labash @ Flux53, oakland CA

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


our friend michael nhat is moving away from los angeles to philly of all places.
he will be playing his goodbye show at Lot 1 this thursday march 03. we are saddened by his decision but excited for him in the new adventures that he will face in the city of brotherly love...hopefully, the cold won't kill him...anyways, we will be playing this thursday too -unleashing new songs and and new set-ups chu-chu, with homeslices halloween swim team and so many wizards.

also, the LA Lottery League was a tremendous success. both of our bands managed to get away with such an awesome response from the packed warehouse. you can check out more pics and details about the show here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magick Orchids In The LA LOTTERY LEAGUE

In case you havent heard already, Magick Orchids has been picked to take part in the LA Lottery League .

Each one of us has been paired with three other musicians that we haven't played with before and for three weeks, we all have to come up with some new material to perform on The Big Show.

Rhea has been paired up with Erik Anaya (of IE/Erik's Got It Covered), Warren Woodward (of So Many Wizards), and Ashish Sharma ( of Tiger Stripe) and their band is called

Champ is in a band with Margot Padilla (of IE), Brian Randall (of Poweraxe) and Tyler Sabbag (of Pizza!) and they are called

You can find the information of all the other brand new musical pairings here.

There are twelve newly formed bands for this event and we are more than stoked to see what other bands come up with as much as performing the songs we've made with our new bands.

The Big Show which will be happening this coming Saturday February 26 at Project Infest in Downtown LA. Make sure to come check it out and dont forget to RSVP to the show.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mamas Joy @ Lot 1 Cafe

Saturday, January 22, 2011


magick orchids is almost done recording the new album and its gonna be called "THE BUFFERING GENERATION" which will hopefully be available by the summer. along with this, we are also releasing a dance tape which will be called "THE ORIGINS OF GRINDING" which will be available for limited copies on Open Mind Dead Distro.

we have considered not performing very much this year and direct our focus in doing more recordings and production. Also, we have been feeling great musical energies playing live with our new project, MAMASjoy who also has our friends denise on drums, adam on bass, ray on keys, and john on guitars/theremin. come check us out as we play with the amazing bands, howardAMB, white widow and EXTRA at The Smell on February 11 and at the Silverlake Lounge at February 12.