Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magick Orchids In The LA LOTTERY LEAGUE

In case you havent heard already, Magick Orchids has been picked to take part in the LA Lottery League .

Each one of us has been paired with three other musicians that we haven't played with before and for three weeks, we all have to come up with some new material to perform on The Big Show.

Rhea has been paired up with Erik Anaya (of IE/Erik's Got It Covered), Warren Woodward (of So Many Wizards), and Ashish Sharma ( of Tiger Stripe) and their band is called

Champ is in a band with Margot Padilla (of IE), Brian Randall (of Poweraxe) and Tyler Sabbag (of Pizza!) and they are called

You can find the information of all the other brand new musical pairings here.

There are twelve newly formed bands for this event and we are more than stoked to see what other bands come up with as much as performing the songs we've made with our new bands.

The Big Show which will be happening this coming Saturday February 26 at Project Infest in Downtown LA. Make sure to come check it out and dont forget to RSVP to the show.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mamas Joy @ Lot 1 Cafe