Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Eno Will Be Proud"

We played a really cool show the other night at the back of 2Bad on Temple/ Tribal Cafe. We are so happy how it turned out and that people came to see us do musical accompaniment to the short film "Dehiscence" made by our filmmaker/animator roommate, Andrew Lush. It was really awesome coz we didn't know they were gonna project it outdoors on the side of a building. Somehow from our emails to ROb we just thought we were gonna do it indoors.Also thanks to everyone for coming out especially since it was at midnight on a Sunday. Its always a blast to see the familiar faces of people we admire and love. We also met some really cool people and manage to do an encore with some visuals by Bryan, who owned the projector. I was glad talking to people who really dug what we were doing and some were curious about our set-up. We overheard someone saying that "Eno will be proud of what you guys are doing" and that alone made my night. Also Rob who owns 2Bad says he plans to have more events like that when the summer comes and preferrably on a full moon which sounds good to us. He was really nice and made sure we got enough food, water, booze and boochies. Anyways, we never made it to the Curio to see HowardAMB but we'll be playing with those guys soon at Betalevel and at 2Bad. They were playing at the Echo Curio with Bobb Bruno which we initially planned on going but we had to go play at Michael Nhats's Housewarming Party. It was an exciting set because we realized there and then that we forgot the cord to plug in the Microkorg synth. Somehow, we managed to make it work and got it going. It was a more loose set and we were glad that it was mostly friends from other bands that came to see. people from Luna Is Honey, Kid Infinity, Dylan Doren, Andrew Felix...etc...anyways, we weren't completely happy about it especially since the neighbors were bitching about our set and kept asking to turn it down even if we weren't that loud -but still we got through with it and managed to redeem ourselves later on in the night.

We are also updating the dates for our tour and somebody just asked us if we wanted to play BURNING MAN. BURNING MAN? as in the BURNING MAN FESTIVAL? whattafuck? its still tentative but we'll see how it goes..anyways, tonite we will be recording saxophone tracks for Vegan Vampire with Josh of LUNA IS HONEY. As usual Piry will be on the boards and doing the stuff he does best.

Anyways, if you do not have any plans on Monday, the 18th. Come and watch us make sounds and noise as we infect The Scene's sound system with a lethal dose of Magick. Playing with us will be our favorite duo from Whittier, CA, The Littlest Viking and some other cool bands namely, The Wilderness and Frontiers. We know the Scene is not all ages and we've had beef with them before regarding that but if you are under aged and wanna come to show, email us at magickmagickmagick@gmail.com and we can work something out. Yes! We ALWAYS do!