Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recording Sessions

Here are pictures from the first recording sessions we did with Piry. We are practically experimenting with the new reel to reel tape recorder that he acquired. I know its kind of a trip that now we have all our set-up in electronic now and yet we are recording in analog (Actually we are bouncing it back and forth between analog and digital) but we are pretty much open for anything as long as it enables us to creat and especially work with other who seem to know better in what they are doing. Right now we are just doing this because we wanted to see what we can do with Piry's help. And besides, we like the idea that we have some kind of limitation in overdubbing tracks and doing takes. That way we are able to let go of things easily and really work hard to do the takes right or simply just live with it. We are big fans of Karl Blau's recording philosophy and we are applying that in the new recordings. Word!