Monday, May 18, 2009

Tonite at The Scene and Downtown Warehouse Art Party on Friday

Tonite, we will be playing at The Scene in Glendale. This is our first time to play in a bar which we usually avoid but it should be fun because they have a good sound system that we can play with. So if you don't have any plans tonite, come by and rev yourselves up for the badass sets of Frontiers, The Wilderness and of course the baddest ass of all the acts tonite, The Littlest Viking. Then maybe you can gather up all the courage to ask that lovely looking lady across the bar to go home with you. Chances are you are most likely to go home wby yourself but after hearing all the music tonite, thats probably more than enough..or not!

Anyways, we are also playing this amazing downtown warehouse art party on Friday, May 22. Its the same date as Luna Is Honey's record release at Bow and Sparrow. If you haven't seen or heard them, we definitely suggest you check em out because their new record, "Raptor Red" is so fucking awesome and they have a really great set planned out (they are playing the whole album in its entirety) We just hope we have enough time to go see them and go play our show that same night. Either way, the warehouse party will last until really really really late into the dawn, so if you feel like coming down should be dope. We will be playing to the projected visuals of Kenneth Anger's "Inauguration To The Pleasure Dome" which features Anais Nin. This is the second time we will be playing to visuals and its going to be so exciting. We are lucky enough to perform in this event, thanks to Vinz for hooking us up. His band, Soul or System will also be playing that night. Finding the location is kind of a challenge so just make sure to follow the directions and don't park on Santa Clara.
Anyways, the show is 5 bucks donation but its totally worth it. Turtle will also be serving the beer he has been fermenting all these weeks and its gonna be killer. Anyways, thats it for now.