Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tomorrow at Downtown LA

Don't forget tomorrow night will be a dope-ass art show/warehouse party at Downtown LA. Champ will also be showing some of his art and we will be performing to the visuals of Kenneth Anger. Also playing at that event will be Soul Or System, whom we haven't seen but heard a lot about. They do live visual mixing which is pretty dope. Heres a a little map showing where it is since the warehouse is kinda tricky to find...Its 5 bucks donation which I think is pretty much worth the experience and the trip...We will have zines and posters and other stuff available too -for sale or for trade or for free if you can talk us into it.

And, if you want options, LUNA IS HONEY is having their record release show at Bow and Sparrow Gallery w/ Michael Nhat and Cardio-Pulmonary and E+E. Their new record, "Raptor Red" is so badass. And Champ has been wanting to do a remix of "Still Killing Kreeps" We'll see...Ayayay!