Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Scene w/ The Littlest Viking, Frontiers, and The Wilderness

Its funny when the only way some people can relate with what you do is by identifying it with something else that they feel is comparable to what you do. I overheard someone say "You guys sound like "so and so". Have you heard of them?" And they act surprised that you haven't. Thats a the most common line that hipsters say when they wanna be identified as such -its an indirect way of saying I-Am-A-Hipster-In-Case-You-Did_Not-Notice!. Usually such lines are followed with "You mean you haven;t heard of them?" Should I? Well, what gives? Anyways, we're not against hipsters or anyone in particular -that was just an observation. Clearly, it was a fun show on Monday despite of the show starting late and us driving my car that only runs 30mph. We played aroun 10:30ish and right away we entered ghost territory and sonically invoked the spirit of Krishnamurti. The show started late but we had fun and felt great about doing what we did. I used my mini-KP for th first time and that baby is a killer. Frontiers and The Wilderness played really interesting sets but The Littlest Viking totally creamed everyone on the face. But in a good way. Thanx for Chris and Ruben for showing everyone at The Scene that night how its done yo!

pix by St. Paul and Rhea