Monday, November 30, 2009


On Saturday, November 27th was the LAST SHOW EVER at The Prestigious House Of Vermont. Magick Orchids played with The Girl With Violent Arms, Melted Cassettes, Voice On Tape, Michael Nhat and Slumber Beast. It was a fun crazy night with dancing and of course, coppers! But hell! A Vermont House show is still a party even if its the LAST PARTY there! Thanks to all our beautiful people there who has been making shit happen and letting us be part of all this...Scotty, Dustin, Josh, Isaac and to everyone else who has lived there and all the amazing bodies, heads and faces that has ever graced the place. Im sure they'll be making lots of shit happen in all the directions they will all take in their lives. Don't quote us on this but we know...yes we do...that the The Vermont House spirit will live on in EVERY house show that will be sprouting out all over Los Angeles in the years to come. So watch out, kiddos! The End of An Era Also Means The Start of A New One!